Album Review: My Own Co Pilot – Textures

FFO: Jimmy Eat World, Thrice, Brand New

MY OWN CO-PILOT is a trans-Atlantic project that incorporates elements of your favourite 00’s emo and alt-rock bands but produced by the Swedish (Michal Kosinski) and US based vocalist, Derrek Siemieniuk. This duo worked together from opposite sides of the globe to create four track EP ‘Textures’, which has raw emotional moments and pensive but also explosive instrumentation to make for a record that draws you in during the quiets periods and blows you out during the high moments.

The opener, Exit You, leads off with a strong bass-line and rhythm section which plants the first earworm before Siemieniuk demonstrates the split personality of his voice that has quiet and dragging notes before kicking it into overdrive for the chorus. Kosinski has said that, “If you listen to the instruments. . .you’ll notice that sections don’t repeat themselves a lot during the songs” and this is true for the 20-minute journey and makes for interesting and re-listenable songs. Riffs build up with different layers and guitars change from verse to verse which Exit You show, and the consistent Siemieniuk works in unity with the music to up or drop the intensity.

Clever lyricism comes to the forefront at the beginning of the second track, When The Missing Return, and builds up before unleashing into a grunge anthem. The break has lullaby-like rhyming but lyrics unsuitable for children paints the vivid picture of: suffocating, pulling heads off, burning ships and death.

Penultimate track, This Crying has the most the black and white personality. Beginning with and energetic tempo before slipping into a slow, Amercian Football-feel passage before swirling vocals and piano laden reprise wraps up the track. The increase the emotion and intensity once again, drawing you in further before the final track.

The existential nature of Remembering has some downtime but erupts into a post-hardcore track that’s has notes of Thrice and Underoath. Cymbals crash with lasting effect and guitars thrash while Siemieniuk does the same after his memorable line, “We Live to Die” which resonates with any emo fan.

This project is in its infancy and Kosinki has plans for the future, hoping to expand the discography, “I’m writing new songs all the time, so an album in 2019 is most likely to happen”. The sound that is regularly heard in scene but rarely executed well and in a memorable way. MY OWN CO-PILOT has much promise for an album that is sonically exciting for the future.


Textures is out now! See the links below for more information:


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